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Still Here
It has been an eventful month...I am still processing things and trying to make sense of it.  Much of the past six months has been unspoken, unwritten, and significant.  Someday it will all be written.
The surgery went well; I have an interesting scar from just beneath my right ear to my adam's apple.  People tell me it's hardly noticeable! Ha ha. The good news is that all the lymph nodes removed were negative.  So, almost six months to the day after beginning treatment, I am NED.  No Evidence of Disease.  I have had the cancer treatment trifecta: being poisoned, stuck in a microwave, and my neck being dissected.  I wish I could say something profound or MEANINGFUL.  I don't really have anything like that. 
I like watching baseball on tv, the taste of radishes, and relearning how to breathe deeply. 

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glad to hear about your NED!

Hi David - don't know if you recall, but I posted a message on your board back in March because I also had a head & neck cancer and could completely relate to all of your posts. I'm also in the NED category, thankfully. We have much to be grateful for, as I'm sure you will agree. I spoke to a friend of mine who said her best friend's husband was just diagnosed with throat cancer, and I thought of you. I shared the link to your blog so that he could, if interested, read about your experience. I'm hoping that he will see that despite the fact that cancer totally sucks, he can and will get through it just like we both did.

I hope that you have recovered from the neck dissection and that you were able to enjoy most of the summer (sorry you had to go through that additional bit).

I wish you the best, and hope that you have a great school year. Enjoy the last few weeks before it starts up again!

Take care!

Ah, yes.... we call it "Dancing with NED." It's a great feeling. I hope your dance goes on forever!

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