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You look Mah-velous...
Big Sigh...and Smile...The past few days have been full of trips to school and meetings with friends and colleagues.  I am getting things back to some degree of normal. Or, I should say I am setting the stage for getting back to normal.  It feels like a lifetime, but it's only been a few months.  One thing that people say to me frequently is how "good" I look.  It is nice to get that compliment, and I appreciate it. But there's a part in my little brain that wonders if I shouldn't maybe look different than I do.  Not that I was anything special to look at in the first place, but the past months haven't left any marks that are visible to anyone else.
In a way that's too bad, because I KNOW there are in fact real scars. And pieces of me that are now gone.  They just aren't visible I guess.  I notice when I look in the mirror. And when my eyes are closed.
I have always liked new scars since they give you a story to tell in the future about something exciting.  I guess it's just as well that the scars for this episode aren't visible since the story isn't really ready to be finished and told. Maybe it's not meant to be one of those stories.


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